Guidance and Counseling in Elementary School (629) M. Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

Course Code(629)
Course TitleGuidance and Counseling in Elementary School
SemesterAutumn 2023
Last Date To SubmitNovember 2023

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Guidance and Counseling are ‘all about change.’ In school, there are young people of different ages, sex, interests, and life orientations. They all need some kind of proper guidance so that they can change without any pressure exerted on them. Since they are young, lack real-life experience about life in general, are unaware of themselves, they do not in any way know how to bring about changes nor understand their implications on their lives.

Among them are those who may resist change because they are already tuned to a particular approach to life, or are accustomed to what life means to them, and therefore would not like to change at all. This is the core of what you are about to begin doing when you have completed the course. You are going to work with them and endeavor to cause desirable adjustments in them. These changes that are anticipated will be a reflection that you will have imbued them with skills of copying and/or what they can do on their own, to make changes in their lives. We live in a world full of rapid changes.

Guidance and Counseling in Elementary School (629) M. Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

These changes are coming about because of the technological developments taking place every now and then. Traditional cultures, beliefs, values, and social relations in traditional societies are being eroded very quickly by foreign cultures, through television, the internet, magazines, music, and other toxic influences. All these rapid changes are living young people confused, uncertain, and alienated. This state of affairs can be very devastating emotionally. These rapid changes leave us all confused to extent that we do not know what to do, or the next step to take.

An Introduction to Guidance and Counseling has been written to make you become a good and effective and a prolific Guidance and Counselor in the school as well in the community. India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates among children belonging to the 15-29 age group. The main reasons include peer pressure, fear of failing in exams, depression, unemployment, and likewise. There are several suicidal stories making headlines during the board examination. Guidance Counseling (629) Assignments.

Elementary School (629) M. Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

This is when your knowledge and skills in counseling become very handy to all of us. How all of us, including your students, will change will depend on your ability to conduct guidance and counseling, notwithstanding our differences in terms of interest, personality, cultural background, and life circumstances. So you as a teacher-counselor, have embarked on another journey a journey to help people, especially the learners to deal with changes that come suddenly and unexpectedly into their lives. Your positive and prompt contributions will in the end make them live an independent, happy and effective life. Before you can do that, you need to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindset of committed guidance and counselor in the school where you will be working. Module Four: