CNG Prices in Pakistan 2023

The current monthly CNG price in Pakistan for Region-1 is Rs. 81.8 and the rate for Region-II was Rs. 81.8 Updated on 10 April 2023, CNG rates and schedules are governed by OGRA. Region-I consists of (KPK, Balochistan, Puttohar region; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Gujar Khan) and Region-II (includes Puttohar region excluding Sindh and Punjab). CNG Prices in Pakistan 2023.

The CNG price for Region I is Rs 75.82 per kg. Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Potohar Region, Balochistan, and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa lie in the region I.

11 Mar, 2023 CNG Prices in Pakistan – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is widely used as a fuel in Pakistan and in last few years CNG kits were installed in several vehicles. Earlier, there was a large difference between the gas and petrol prices. However, in last few days, CNG Prices in Pakistan were significantly increased. On the other side, people are still using CNG due to the better mileage as compare to petrol.

CNG Prices in Pakistan are different for Region I and Region II. The CNG price for Region I is Rs 75.82 per kg. Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Potohar Region, Balochistan, and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa lie in the region I.

The CNG price for region II is Rs 104.07 per kg. Punjab (excluding Potohar Region) and Sindh lies in the Region II.

They criticized the government decision to deregulate the CNG prices, leaving the users at the mercy of the CNG companies. Ministry of Petroleum earlier issued a notice stating that CNG prices were now free from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority’s (OGRA) regulation. The deregulation also permitted CNG station owners to set their own prices.

CNG Price in Pakistan

Are you looking at the price of CNG in Pakistan? Then you don’t go anywhere because you are on the right platform. This page provides users with an accurate and accurate CNG rate in Pakistan. Whenever the government gives the schedule of CNG price in Pakistan, they have updated their web portal regularly. However, what is CNG?

CNG Meaning

The term CNG is called “compressed natural gas” and is also known as needle gas. It is a type of fuel widely used in the replacement of diesel, petrol, or gasoline. CNG is considered the best choice for fuel, especially when petrol and diesel prices are marked up to higher prices. This is why compressed gas is always a favorable option for many people. Apart from this, CNG has several advantages which are as follows. CNG Prices in Pakistan 2023.

Virtues of CNG

Compressed natural gas is viable in many ways. There are some important benefits of CNG.

• CNG is cheaper and cheaper than petrol or petrol.
• As natural gas, it will keep the environment free from pollution, which means that CNG has not emitted harmful and huge amounts of gases from its fuel system.

They are less damaging to burst incidents, as the CNG tank is smaller in size and thus equipped with a safety device, the pressure will release accordingly and give ultimate protection to the public.
• CNG cylinders are not easy to catch on fire because they are stirred at 600 degrees centigrade. The compressed gas on the side is lighter and easily dissolves in the air rather than spreading on the roads which cause the fire.

It will also be efficient for the engines of your vehicles as CNG is not designed to produce more carbon deposits or other toxins that will damage your engine and pollute the oil.
Apart from the importance of the use of CNG. The time has come to learn about how Compress Natural Gasworks.

Working Structure

If we had talked about CNG working, the CNG tank filled the engine with natural gas under high pressure and when it reaches the chamber the combustion is mixed with air and the engine will eat it. This produces sparks and allows fuel to be mixed with air and releases energy from sparks that will allow vehicles to move.

CNG in Pakistan

CNG has been widely used in various countries due to its wide benefits. As a daily user of a car, it is necessary to fill your car cylinder with gas/liquid. However, it is difficult to fill your car with petrol twice a day and in such cases, many countries are growing on CNG. like; South America, Iran, Africa, India, etc. Similarly, Pakistan is also increasingly using compressed natural gas for the purposes of vehicle fuels and has even become a major user of CNG.

A recent survey has estimated that there are 3416 CNG stations in Pakistan and a large number of people depend on CNG vehicles for travel. And according to the federal government, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are the two provinces where CNG is used in sufficient quantities.

CNG Price Updates in Pakistan April 2023

The CNG price has always been considered an important topic for Pakistan because they used CNG extensively and it is necessary to keep checking the CNG price to determine the economic condition of the country, so if you want to check the CNG price If you want, do it today. Pakistan then browses this website as they offered region-wise with complete so that you can easily access CNG Price Today from this web portal.

Pakistan CNG Association has increased the price of Compressed Natural Gas in Sindh by Rs. 17 per kg. Stations across Sindh, including Karachi, were reopened yesterday after 13 days, after which the price went up immediately. According to the citizens, it is better to buy petrol than to buy such expensive Compresses Natural Gas. After the increase in price, which was available at Rs. 123 per kg is now being sold at Rs. Are also likely to grow.

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