Telenor SMS Packages 2024 Hourly Daily Weekly & Monthly Details

Telenor tries to bring very attractive offers for postpaid and prepaid users. Since this telecom company is covering a large rural area in Pakistan, it tries to offer the cheapest package. Here, I am going to discuss the SMS packages offered by Telenor Pakistan. So, Telenor brings a very attractive SMS package for users who are crazy chatters. Telenor SMS Packages: 2024 Hourly Daily Weekly & Monthly.

Telenor SMS Packages 2023 Hourly Daily Weekly & Monthly Details

Telenor Daily SMS Package

Dialogue through texting brings more privacy to your life. If you are sitting down to gather someone and text it, no one can guess what you are typing. Therefore, your talks remain private with your loved ones. No one can interfere with your privacy. Therefore, people prefer to communicate via SMS than most calls. Therefore, Telenor is more aware of your chatting needs.

Weekly SMS Bundle
Details2000 SMS
Validity7 days
Activation Code*345*117#

Daily SMS Bundle

Details240 SMS
Validity24 Hours
Activation Code*345*116#

Telenor 3-Days & 5-Days SMS Package 

Monthly SMS bundle
Details10,000 SMS+300 MB whatsapp
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*345*363#

15 day economy SMS bundle

PriceRs.17incl. tax
Details800 SMS
Validity15 Days
Activation Code*345*112#

Telenor 5-Days SMS Package

Details300 SMS
Validity5 Days
Activation Code*345*015# Or Dial 555

Afghanistan offer
DetailsCall rate: Rs. 14/20
Validity7 Days
Activation CodeDial 111 before number

Daily offpeak offer

Details1.5 GB data(6AM-6PM), Validity 12 hours (6AM-6PM)
Validity1 Day
Activation Code*10#

Telenor Easycard Weekly Package

Details3GB+3GB(1am-9am), 2000 onnet minutes, 100 offnet minutes, 2000 SMS
Validity7 Days
Activation CodeLoad an EasyCard recharge to subscribe to this offer

Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package

Details100MB+350 MB whatsapp, FB, Twitter
Validity7 Days
Activation Codevisit Telenor website to subscribe

Daily social

Details70 MB data
Validity1 Day
Activation Code*311#

Telenor Fortnightly & Monthly SMS Bundles

Free first call offer

PriceRs.5 incl. tax
Validity7 Days
Activation Code*888#

Telenor Monthly SMS Package

Details5000 SMS to all networks
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*345*363#

Mega monthly offer

Details100GB data(12AM-12PM)
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*29#

Telenor Mahana Budget Package
Details3 GB whatsapp, 300 onnet minutes, 10 offnet minutes
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*514#

Mega Plus Weekly EasyCard

Details40 GB data (incl 20 GB 1am-9am), 7500 onnet minutes, 200 offnet minutes, 3500 SMS
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*033#

Telenor SMS Packages for Postpaid Users

Telenor SMS Packages: 2024 Hourly Daily Weekly & Monthly

Weekly easycard

PriceRs.200 + tax
Details3GB +3GB(1am-9am), 2000 onnet minutes, 100 offnet minutes, 2000 SMS
Validity37 Days
Activation Codevisit telenor website to subscribe

Weekly easycard extreme

PriceRs.320 + tax
Details40 GB data, 7,500 Telenor/PTCL mins, 3,500 SMS & 200 Mins on Other Networks!
Validity30 Days
Activation Codevisit telenor website to subscribe

Weekly easycard extreme Plus

PriceRs.330 + tax
Details80 GB data, 15,000 Telenor mins, 5,000 SMS & 300 Mins on Other Networks!
Validity7 Days
Activation Code*345*46#