Teaching of Pakistan Studies (8640) B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

Course Code(8640)
Course TitleThe teaching of Pakistan Studies
SemesterAutumn 2023
Last Date To SubmitNovember 2023

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In order to create awareness among the students about the “Vision of Pakistan”, as given by our leaders during the freedom movement and after the emergence of Pakistan, the rationale of Pakistan’s creation is highlighted. This approach will, hopefully, bring an element of objectivity in explaining the creation of Pakistan. It will also educate the students about the nature of the state of Pakistan as envisioned by its Founding Fathers. This approach is also useful in educating the students about the taxonomy of the state and in motivating them to develop a sense of patriotism as well as an urge for creative reconstruction.

In view of the aforementioned objectives, the course framework is sought to be issue-oriented. It seeks to cover Pakistan’s cultural heritage since ancient times, Muslim political thought over the centuries, constitutional development since 1947, political systems and their functioning, public policies and reforms, agro-industrial projects, urbanization, social change and transformation, political development and modernization, as well as the democratization process through resource development and management, good governance and mass socialization, mobilization and participation.

Teaching of Pakistan Studies (8640) B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

This multidimensional course framework seeks to encompass a wide range of issues pertaining. To nation-building and state structure in Pakistan and provides awareness. But about the remedial measures for overcoming impediments inherent in our cultural and political fabrics. The issues of human rights have been given equal weight. So as to provide guidelines for reshaping the Pakistani society on constructive lines, and ridding it of all sorts of evils. Impediments, exploitation, and oppression, as envisioned by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Since a state cannot survive without a body of citizens integrated and united as a coherent nation, the issues concerning Pakistan’s march towards actualizing its vision of a modern-liberal Islamic republic have been dealt with in some detail.

B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

This curriculum seeks to develop student’s analytical and critical capabilities and broaden their vision. This will enable them to craft careers of their own choice. This will be done through extensive seminars and research projects for the most part. But courses seek to inculcate in students qualities of hard-working. But Futuristic outlook and initiative to excel by way of healthy competition. These courses will make the students the most sought-after persons in the job market and by the employers due to their perceptible outstanding merit in the fields of teaching and research.

Following the extensive media debate and academic reiteration on the need to update the curriculum at all levels of education, the Government of Pakistan carried out measures in 2006 to improve the national curriculum for Pakistan Studies. These actions were based on the earlier studies and recommendations by the former University Grants Commission in 200 and then later by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) in 2003. So Teaching of Pakistan Studies (8640) B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments.