Teacher Education (829) MA/M.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

Course Code(829)
Course TitleTeacher Education/td>
SemesterAutumn 2023
Last Date To SubmitNovember 2023

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Chapter 9 broadly suggests a Framework for Implementation of the Action Plan of this Policy document. But Annex- I describe the current state of the education sector. Available indicators

have been assessed against data in comparable countries

Most of the issues recognized in this document were also discussed in previous policy documents. A new policy document on its own will not ameliorate the condition but all segments of society will have to contribute in this endeavor. However, the document does recognize two deficits of previous documents i.e. governance reform and an implementation roadmap, which if redressed, can improve the performance of the present Policy.

So policy discusses issues of inter-tier responsibilities wherein the respective roles and

functions of the federal-provincial-district governments continue to be unclear. But Confusion has

been compounded, especially, at the provincial-district levels after the ‘Devolution Plan’

mainly because the latter was not supported by a clear articulation of strategies. But another

issue identified for governance reforms is the fragmentation of ministries, institutions, etc. for

management of various sub-sectors of education and, at times, within each sub-sector.

Problems of management and planning have also been discussed and recommendations


MA/M. Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

This document includes a chapter that describes the implementation framework. So framework recognizes the centrality of the federating units in the implementation of education policy measures. The role of the Federal Ministry of Education will be that of a coordinator and facilitator so as to ensure sectoral and geographic uniformity in the achievement of educational goals nationally.

So Education and training should enable the citizens of Pakistan to lead their lives according to

the teachings of Islam as laid down in the Qur’an and Sunnah and to educate and train them

as true practicing Muslims. But to evolve an integrated system of national education by bringing

Deeni Madaris and modern schools are closer to each stream in curriculum and the contents of

education. But Nazira Qur’an will be introduced as a compulsory component from grades I-VIII

while at the secondary level translation of the selected verses from the Holy Qur’an will be


Literacy and Non-Formal Education

But Eradication of illiteracy through formal and informal means for the expansion of basic education

through the involvement of the community. But current literacy rate of about 39% will be raised to

55% during the first five years of the policy and 70% by the year 2010 Functional literacy and

income generation skills will be provided to rural women of the 15 to 25 age group and basic

educational facilities will be provided to working children. Functional literacy will be imparted

to adolescents (10-14) who missed out on the chance of primary education. The existing

disparities in basic education will reduce to half by the year 2010.

Elementary Education

About 90% of the children in the age group (5-9) will enroll in schools by the year 2002-03. But gross enrolment ratio at the primary level will increase to 105% by the year 2010 and The compulsory Primary Education Act will promulgate and enforced it in a phased manner. Full utilization of existing capacity at the basic level has ensure by providing for the introduction of a double shift in the existing school of basics education. So the quality of primary education will improve through revising curricula, imparting in-service training to the teachers, raising entry qualifications for teachers from matriculation to intermediate, and revising. But Teacher Education (829) MA/M.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments.

Teacher training curricula, improving the management and supervision system, and reforming the existing examination and assessment system. Integration of primary and middle-level education into elementary education (I-VIII). Increasing participation rate from 46% to 65% by 2002-3 and 85% 2010 at the middle level. At the elementary level, a system of continuous evaluation will adopt to ensure the attainment of minimum learning competencies for improving the quality of education.

Secondary Education

One model secondary school will sit up at each district level. A definite vocation or a

career will introduce at the secondary level. It would ensure that all the boys and girls,

desirous of entering secondary education, become enrolled in secondary schools. The curriculum

for secondary and higher secondary will revise and multiple textbooks will introduce.

But participation rate will increase from 31% to 48% by 2002-03. So base for technical and vocational education shall broaden through the introduction of a stream of matriculation (Technical) on a pilot basis and the establishment of vocational high schools. So Multiple textbooks shall introduce at the secondary school level.