Sheikh Zayed Medical College SZMC Admission 2024 – Apply Online

Sheikh Zayed Medical College SZMC Admission 2024 – Apply Online

Sheikh Zayed Medical College Admission 2023 – Apply Online

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Admissions to the Allied Health Sciences Department have been announced. Sheikh Zayed Medical College is a government institute and the best thing is that this time they announced admission to Rahim Yar Khan. Some students who belong to Rahim Yar Khan, and they try to get admission in this institute for Lahore city every year, but now they get admission in this institute with less merit. Most of the students from the surrounding area try their best to get admission to this institute, and they try their best to organize the hostel facility, but now this institution is taking the best step for the students of Rahim Yar Khan.

Sheikh Zayed Medical College SZMC Admission 2024 – Apply Online

Every student who cannot get admission in Lahore city due to high merit can get admission in this institute as it is a sub-campus and this institute has less merit as compared to other branches. Students who think that this institution compromises their study level and standards due to low merit are wrong. The institution’s admissions committee announced that students only apply for admission and after the entrance test, the admissions committee decides whether the students are eligible or not.

This was a long dream of the people of South Punjab, and the establishment of SZMC at the confluence of three provinces is a great blessing for the people of Rahim Yar Khan District. In 2003, the Punjab government established a unique, self-financing Sheikh Zayed Medical College (SZMC) for undergraduate medical students and linked it to Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

SZMC Admission 2024 – Apply Online

SZMC is a leading healthcare organization striving to excel in training and educating health professionals, and has become a role model in medical education and patient care. As per the requirement of the Pakistan Medical Dental Council, Board of Management, SZMC / Sheikh Zayed Hospital has created vacancies for teaching and related staff, which have been approved by the Finance Department.

Contact your university representative for information on the steps required, as the admission algorithm may vary from country to country. Follow these steps to apply to Sheikh Zayed Medical College. Start your application by clicking “Choose a program”.

Required documents

When applying for admission to Sheikh Zayed Medical College in Pakistan, you should prepare all the required documents. Request a list of required documents directly from the university, as this may vary from country to country. You can also request sample documents using our live chat.

  1. All-Academic Documents
  2. Online Application form
  3. Passport
  4. Contact No
  5. Email ID
  6. Family Details
  7. Proof of fee payment
  8. Application fee
  9. Health and Life Insurance
  10. Student visa

In this session, the institute announced enrollment in DPT and BS degree-level programs. All sorts of technology programs are announced in this session. Students read a list of qualification criteria and technology areas and then decide on admission. If more than one student with a disability applies for a seat and their medical category is the same, the admissions committee should focus only on their previous degrees. Some students from other cities who want to enroll but do not travel daily hear that this institution does not have hostel facilities. Students with disabilities who wish to obtain only BS degrees from this institution are eligible. Only one seat is reserved for such students.

How To Apply For Admission

Students open the site and click on this link. So Students cannot apply for manual work. Students pay Rs.500 in the bank and then they are able to submit their documents to this institute.