School Leadership (8618) B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

From these three definitions of leadership, it is. Therefore, fair to conclude or sum up that Leadership firstly is a word that cannot be meaningful in isolation. And it’s difficult to explain the meaning without followership. Thus in summarizing the need for social influence, support, and achieving a common goal. Leadership for this particular paperwork can therefore described as the “process”. A Leader(an Individual or team) sets out to achieve the common goal of a set of people. By the use of social influence. School Leadership (8618) B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments.

In an attempt to gain a clearer image of what true leadership encompasses. One can take to mind very simple and common life examples of how very little things act as leaders. The door to a house for example is the one legitimate way through which the beauties. And qualities of a house’s interior can explore. In the same light, a leader is a way through. Which the hide qualities and beauties of a given set of people determined to achieve a common goal can explore. This house might be a one-bedroom apartment, probably a 7-bedroom mansion or even a 15-bedroom palace, whichever or whatever it is, it’s outrightly undebatable that without away(the door) inside, no one can get to see what treasures this household. School Leadership (8618) B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments.

School Leadership (8618) B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

This is the very same reason why doors exist right from the paper plan of the house. Yet again, so also does a leader serve as the entrance and the medium that guides his followers to achieve their common goal. With the use of such a simple and direct illustration of Leadership as being the “WAY”, one can easily misconcept leadership to be very simple, direct, and straight to the point. But in a real case scenario, it can prove to be slightly more complicated than the door that opens the way to beautiful treasures. When for example one takes a look at a Primary educational institution, a primary school to be precise, one can experience and gain an even better understanding of how the process of leadership actually unfolds. The principal or the school director is seen as a leader of this particular institution.

8618 B.Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

Coupled with this overall leader are the sub-leaders, which comprise the Vice-Principal or Deputy Director, the Head of departments, the Class Teachers the Subject Teachers, and even the Class heads, Class monitors or Class prefects as the case may be, all of which are leaders in their own jurisdiction. While being leaders, in so many different ways, these authorities also happen to be learning.

As messages and instructions are passed on from the director to his Vice. A lesson or two is also taken on how to ensure efficiency is paramount. Ultimately, we can derive that the efforts and level of organization of all these leaders play a very important role in seeing to it that learning as a process takes place, this learning can be either direct or indirect.