10th Class Physics Paper Scheme 2024 for all Punjab Boards

10th Class Physics Paper Scheme 2024 includes Simple Harmonic Motion and Views, Sound Views, Geometrical Optics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetism, Basic Electronics, Information and Communication Technology, and Atomic and Nuclear Physics. Physics Paper Pattern of 10th Class 2024. The 10th class Physics Pairing Scheme 2024 includes details of the topics/chapters that will be included in the annual examinations. Prior to the examinations, a paired scheme is issued for the students, which takes into account the distribution of the objective and thematic parts of the questions in each chapter. Physics Pairing Scheme 2024 has been announced by the All Punjab Board of Education.

Physics 10th Class Pairing Scheme

If you are looking for Paper Pair Scheme 2024 for 10th-grade physics, welcome to our website. Here, we have uploaded the detailed paper scheme 2024 for the 10th class physics subject according to Smart Curriculum 2022. This physics scheme has all the necessary details about MCQ, short and long questions. That way, you can use it to prepare for the 2022 annual exam.

Punjab Boards 10th Class Paper Scheme:

The given scheme of 10th Physics is for all the boards under Punjab. Below are the names of all boards.

  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi
  • Gujranwala
  • Bahawalpur
  • D G Khan
  • Sargodha
  • Multan
  • Sahiwal

10th class Physics Paper Pairing Scheme 2024

Below is the complete 10th-class physics paper scheme 2024. The scheme consists of 03 parts according to papers, MCQs, Short Questions, and Long questions. Thus, through this, you will be able to estimate the type and number of questions asked in the 10th Physics annual exam.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

According to the paper pattern, there are 12 MCQs in the Physics paper, and each MCQ possesses 1 Mark. However, there is no choice, so students have to attempt all MCQs. (Total Marks: 12).

Below are the details about the number of questions and the chapter from which MCQs will be asked.


Chapter No. 101Chapter No. 111
Chapter No. 122Chapter No. 131
Chapter No. 142Chapter No. 151
Chapter No. 162Chapter No. 171
Chapter No. 181

SHORT QUESTIONS:                                                        TOTAL MARKS: 48

2.         Write short answers to any five (5) questions                     MARKS: 10

Chapter No. 103Chapter No. 133
Chapter No.142

3.         Write short answers to any five (5) questions.                    MARKS: 10

Chapter No113Chapter No173
Chapter No. 182

4.         Write short answers to any five (5) questions.                    MARKS: 10

Chapter No. 123Chapter No. 152
Chapter No. 163

PART – II 10th Class Physics Paper Scheme 2024

Note:   Attempt any Two Questions.                                                         9 x 2 = 18

5.Chapter No. 10,13
Chapter No. 14
(a)Question from chapter 10 / numerical from chapter 12/16 numerical)
(b) Numerical
marks: 5
marks: 4
6.Chapter No. 11/18
Chapter No. 17
marks: 5
marks: 4
7.Chapter No.12/15
Chapter No. 16
(b)Numerical /Theory
marks: 5
marks: 4
10th Class Physics Paper Scheme 2024 for all Punjab Boards

Short Questions

In this part, the paper has 3 questions, and under each question, there are a variety of short questions. Students have to attempt the mentioned number of questions from each. The total marks for the short questions are 30 (15×2). Below are the details about this.

Long Question (Attempts Any Two Question Out Of Three)

The page numbers of the textbooks of the chapters included in the syllabus are also listed to help the students. Candidates preparing for the exams can look at the announced pairing scheme to know about the paper patterns followed in the exams. In addition to theoretical questions, candidates also need to prepare a practical part.

There are also a number of numerical issues that are part of the curriculum and the information for such questions is specified chapter-wise so that students can prepare accordingly. Candidates are therefore advised to check the scheme of Physics 10th Pair without wasting any time and concentrate on their studies to get maximum marks in the examinations. Physics Pairing Scheme 2024.