NAT IGS 2023 Pattern weightage past papers aggregate and Merit


NAT IGS 2023 Pattern weightage past papers aggregate and Merit. NTS IIGS is for General Science Group students. NAT-IGS is accepted for admission to Bachelor’s programs in Computer Science, Management and Social Sciences.


Because NAT-IGS is accepted for multiple programs and multiple universities, there is a big difference in merit. But the merit for the public sector and leading private universities is more than 72%. But merit can be as high as 85%, as is the case with QAU Management Sciences programs. However, most universities have good opportunities for students with more than 75 marks. For the latest updates keep visiting our Site

NAT IGS 2023 Pattern weightage past papers aggregate and Merit

NAT-IGS Pattern

The test comprises of the following sections:

  • Verbal Ability (20 MCQs)
  • Analytical Reasoning (20 MCQs)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (20 MCQs)
  • Subject Knowledge (30 MCS in NAT-I and 40 MCQs in NAT-II paper)
    1. Mathematics 10 MCQs
    2. Economics 10 MCQs
    3. Statistics 10 MCQss 

BEST Strategy for Securing Admission

Since the NTS is conducted every two to three months, it is recommended to attend the NTS at least 3 times to improve your scores. Even if you are a student with 90% marks, you are advised to attend NTS at least twice so that you can get a maximum injury.

Therefore, when you are in FSc Part-II for the first time, attending NTS for the first time would be the best strategy so that you have enough time to prepare again if you cannot get the required number and you have to attend. There is a time limit. At least twice in NTS before the last date for admission to major universities.