Elementary School Management (622) MA/M. Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

Course Code(622)
Course TitleElementary School Management
SemesterAutumn 2023
Last Date To SubmitNovember 2023

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But Development of technical competence, communication skills, safety and health measures, entrepreneurial skills, etc. shall be reflected in the curricula. So Institution-industry linkages shall be strengthened to enhance the relevance of training to the requirements of the job market. Emerging technologies e.g. telecommunication, computer, electronics, automation, petroleum, garments, food preservation, printing and graphics, textile, mining, sugar technology, etc. greatly in demand in the job market shall be introduced in selected polytechnics. A National Council for Technical Education shall be established to regulate technical education. Elementary School (622) Assignments.

Higher Education 

Access to higher education shall expand to at least 5% of the age group 17-23 by the year 2010. Merit shall be the only criterion for entry into higher education. Access to higher education, therefore, shall be based on entrance tests. So reputed degree colleges shall give autonomy and degree-awarding status. Degree colleges shall have the option to affiliate with any recognized Pakistani university or degree awarding institution for examination and award of degrees. To attract highly talented qualified teachers, the university staff will be paid at higher rates than usual grades.

Private Sector in Education

Local M.Phil. And Ph.D. programs shall launch and laboratory and library facilities will strengthen. Split Ph.D. programs shall launch in collaboration with reput foreign universities and at the minimum, 100 scholars shall annually train under this arrangement. All quota/reserve seats shall eliminate. Students from backward areas, who clear entry tests, would compete amongst themselves. In order to eliminate violence, all political activities on the campus shall ban. 

Information Technology 

BhtComputers shall introduce in secondary schools in a phased manner. School curricula shall revise to include recent developments in information technology, such as software development, the Information Super Highway designing Web Pages, etc. Elementary School Management (622) MA/M. Ed Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments.

Library and Documentation Services 

But school, college, and university libraries shall equip with the latest reading materials/services. But Internet connection with computer shall give to each library. So Mobile library services for semi-urban and remote rural areas shall introduce.

Innovative Programs 

the National Education Testing Service will establish to design and administer standardized tests for admission to professional institutions. So Qualifying for these tests will become a compulsory requirement for entry into professional education. This mechanism expects to check the incidence of malpractice in examinations. Likewise, standardize tests shall introduce for admission to general education in universities. 

Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation 

But a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system has envisage from grass-roots to the highest level. So District Education Authority will establish in each district to ensure public participation in monitoring and implementation. But education Ministers at the Federal and Provincial levels will oversee monitoring committees, responsible for implementation at their levels. So Prime Minister and Provincial Chief Ministers will be the Chief of National and Provincial Education Councils respectively which will ensure the achievement of targets.