Compulsory English-I (386) HSSC Autumn 2021 Solved Assignments

Compulsory English-I (386) HSSC Autumn 2022 | 2023 Assignments

Compulsory English-I (386) HSSC Autumn 2021 Solved Assignments

Course Code(386)
Course TitleCompulsory English-I
SemesterAutumn 2021
Last Date To SubmitNovember 2021

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In Unit 2, Section-A, you are taught how to introduce yourself to others. Now imagine you are in a group of friends along with your cousin and you want your friends to like/accept your cousin whom they do not know. How would you introduce him keeping in mind his qualification, qualities, etc.?

In Unit 2, Section A you are taught how to ask questions. Now imagine you are a manager in an organization. You have hired a new employee. It’s his first day in the office. What questions will you ask him for acquaintanceship?

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In Unit 3, Section A, we talked about how to make requests and grant permissions. Given below are some situations. How would you make a request in each situation? Follow the example. You need to borrow money from your sister. You say: You need to postpone your flight to Peshawar. you say: You need to talk to your friend in private. you say: Your neighbor needs your help in finding his missing dog. He says Your mother wants you to wash the dishes. Compulsory English-I (386) HSSC Autumn 2022 | 2023 Assignments.

Many organizations try to encourage people to do kind acts, wherever and whenever they can. The idea behind this is that it doesn’t take any major plan to be kind, just a little bit of effort. Perhaps the strongest supporters of this idea are the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Foundation, which works with schools and companies to teach people kindness skills. They operate under the belief that kindness can be taught and that it is contagious.