11th Class Biology Paper Scheme 2024 All Punjab Boards

The 1st Year 2024 Biology Scheme is available on the web page below. Use the Biology Assessment Scheme 2024 to prepare you for the final exams of the 11th class, then guide your study sessions. Students generally underestimate the importance of the 1st-year biology pairing scheme 2024. A great resource highlights the important topics that will appear in the exams. Furthermore, the curriculum can be revised keeping in view the 11th class Biology Paper Scheme 2024.

Boards: Lahore,Faisalabad,Rawalpindi,Multan,Sahiwal,Gujranwala,D G Khan,Bahawalpur,Sargodha

                                                            PART – I

Q. NO. 1 MCQ’S

Chapter No. 11Chapter No. 91
Chapter No. 21Chapter No. 102
Chapter No. 31Chapter No. 112
Chapter No. 41Chapter No. 121
Chapter No. 51Chapter No. 131
Chapter No. 61Chapter No. 142
Chapter No. 71  
Chapter No. 81  

                                                            PART – II


Q.NO. 2.

Chapter No. 21
Chapter No. 33
Chapter No. 82
Chapter No. 104
Chapter No. 112

Q.NO. 3.

Chapter No. 12
Chapter No. 42
Chapter No. 73
Chapter No. 132
Chapter No. 143

Q.NO. 4.                                              NO. OF QUESTIONS.

Chapter No. 52
Chapter No. 62
Chapter No. 93
Chapter No. 122


Chapter No. 1(A)
Chapter No. 3(B)

Q. 6.

Chapter No.   2(A)
Chapter No.  8(B)

Q. 7.

Chapter No. 4(A)
Chapter No. 12(B)

Q. 8 .

Chapter No. 5(A)
Chapter No. 14(B)

Q. 9.

Chapter No. 6(A)
Chapter No. 11(B)

1st Year  11th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

Would you like to get a detailed pairing scheme for 2024 for first-year biology? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get it here. That way, don’t go anywhere else. We will tell you about the number of questions, all the relevant information with full details about their number. Therefore, it will help you in the first-year Biology Paper Scheme exam. However, the first year’s biology scheme is in line with the smart curriculum.

The purpose of the paper style or paper scheme is to help students. Through it, they understand the style of the paper and can also focus on the most important questions and chapters. So, below is the 1st Year Biology Pair Scheme 2024.

Biology 1st year Paper Scheme

Main Sections/Parts of Biology Paper

Generally, the paper of 1st-year biology consists of 02 Sections. 

  • Objective 
  • Subjective

In the objective part, there are 17 MCQs from the book. Each MCQ has a 01 mark.

In the subjective part, there are two main questions

  • Short question/Answers

Short questions are further divided into 03 sections. Students have to attempt the asked question from each section. Each question has 02 marks and students have to attempt a total of 22 questions having 44 marks.

Facilitation of 1st Year Biology Pairing Scheme 2024

A combination of rigorous review, Practice Past Papers with Bio Scheme 1st Year 2024 can motivate you to get good grades. The 1st Year Biology Pairing Scheme 2024 facilitates students by telling them how much work they need to do in a particular chapter. This allows students to study carefully instead of just working hard for their exams. Many students have reported that using the pairing scheme has helped them to prepare effectively for their exams which has resulted in their getting the best scores. The 11th-class biology pairing scheme is the same for all the boards of Punjab including the Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Faisalabad Board, etc.

Practice with Biology Pairing Scheme 1st Year

It is crucial to practice the revised content so that when you appear for your exams none of the questions can catch you off guard. By practicing past papers you will know exactly what to write. Identify the concepts you are weak in and work towards clarifying your understanding so that you are well able to attempt the questions in your actual exam.