Advanced Accounting (444) BA/B.Com Autumn 2021

management of the Branch. Here, the Opening stock, Goods sent to the Branch, Goods returned by the Branch, and Closing stock will appear at invoice price only. To find out the real profit, adjustment entries are to be made to remove the excess price or the difference between the invoice price and the cost price. The Head Office of a company invoices to its Coimbatore Branch at cost plus 20%. Advanced Accounting (444) BA/B.Com Autumn 2021.

The Coimbatore Branch also purchases independently from local parties goods for which payments are made by the Head Office. First of all our mission is to educate our young generation. besides. We are not indulged in any kind of miscellaneous activity. That detracts students to take any shortcuts in their education. subsequently. We always promote legal education as a priority, as well as help students self-learning and build skills to perform best in their future. Secondly Academy tries its best to build civilized and sophisticated mankind in our country. Advanced Accounting (444) BA/B.Com Autumn 2021.

Advanced Accounting (444) BA/B.Com Autumn 2023

Our basic earning is by selling hardcopy notes like Key books, Guess papers. And 5 years’ Papers to students at a very reasonable price. The Academy doesn’t earn by providing any kind of consultancy services. All the cash collected by the Branch is banked on the same day to the credit. The Head Office and all expenses are directly paid by the Head Office except for a petty cash account maintained by the Branch for which periodical transfers are made by the Head Office. We assist students on Call or on WhatsApp nor do we have premium support. But Like others to earn money from needy students.

We also provide free Guess Papers, 5 Years Papers, and Soft Copy of Assignments to students on our website. So, Under the Debtors System, the profit or Joss can be found out by preparing a Branch Account in the books of Head Office. The Branch Account has been treated as a customer, a personal account with an impersonal name. This type of accounting treatment works well in small Branches. When authorized to make credit sales also, the Debtors System proves inadequate. A detail of credit sales remains unaccounted for in this system. To overcome this, the Stock and Debtors System has been devised. Assignments are only available on the website for guidelines and awareness about the content and pattern of related courses.