Accounting and Finance (5566) MBA/MPA Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

Download and view past papers for Accounting & Finance code number 5566 (AIOU) for the semester of spring and autumn. It is a 3 credit hours book. Old papers will provide a clear understanding of important areas or parts of the subjects. Also, previous examinations papers will provide a guess for the upcoming examination. The below table provides past papers. How firms meet and manage their final objectives. In today’s financial environment, the fundamental trade-off between risk and return. Tthe time value of money, and valuing future cash flows are discussed. Financial tools and techniques, which can be use to help firms maximize value by improving decisions related to capital, are explaine. Bond and stock valuations are introduce. Accounting and Finance (5566) MBA/MPA Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments.

An introduction to statistical techniques useful in the analysis of management problems. We motivate each topic by managerial applications, and we analyze actual data sets using modern statistical software. Topics include probability estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis. But Introduction and exploration of basic financial accounting terminology, principles, concepts, and their relevant business applications. So, this course will include the recording, summarization. But adjustment of financial transactions and the preparation and presentation of the basic financial statements. So, other topics will include valuation methods for cash, accounts receivable, inventory and property, plant, and equipment. This course is also offered as EMP 502.

Finance (5566) MBA/MPA Spring & Autumn 2023 Solved Assignments

A survey course covering the foundations of the marketing discipline. The course is designed to give students conceptual frameworks. And tools to help firms meet the demands of the marketplace in a profitable way. A wide range of marketing strategy topics (e.g., segmentation, positioning) and marketing tactics (the Four P’s of Marketing. Product, Price, Place, and Promotions) will be covere, as well as the development of the discipline’s foundations (definition, philosophy, and the history of marketing).

The purpose of the course is to introduce you to the multifaceted phenomenon of leadership, teams, and communications. It seeks to answer the following three questions: What do leaders really do? What makes teams effective? How do you create persuasive communications? The course addresses such topics as leadership styles, building motivated teams, and developing strategic communications. It examines these topics with the goal of not only imparting knowledge. About evidence-based managerial practices but also assisting students to acquire. So, the skills necessary to become business leaders, team builders, and articulate communicators.

MBA/MPA Spring & Autumn 2023

Innovation drives the modern firm by the interaction of technical invention and managerial entrepreneurship. This course explores the variety of sources of new products, processes. And services, such as inventors, universities, research and development departments in industry, and government labs. In addition, the course explores the variety of ways of bringing new products, processes. And services to market, including startup firms, acquisitions, mergers, and entrepreneurship within the firm. Case studies showing the interaction of invention and entrepreneurship are analyze. A term project is required in which the student either analyzes the history of invention. And entrepreneurship in a major firm or writes a business plan for high technology startup firm.